International Business Strategy

In a global and digital environment, an international Business strategy has become essential.

International Business Development
Why and How to expand your Business globally

Why an International Business strategy

In a global and digital environment, an international Business strategy has become essential. The drivers of internationalization are numerous: Extend and accelerate growth, spreading of risks, competitive strategy, access to capital or technology, access to talents, conquest of growing markets. International Business development offers multiple benefits. Consumers have freed themselves from borders with the Internet and e-commerce. At the same time skills and corporate resources have been localized in specialized geographical areas. The development of new markets requires a global presence for the companies willing to remain competitive.

Our Mission is to support you in your international Business development. We analyze your market, your value proposition, your environment. We set up your international Business strategy, your road-map and action plans. Acceleration in foreign markets.

The objectives

Increase the presence in a number of countries, increase  revenues , improve Brand-image, reputation, legitimacy ,boots profits, attract talents.


Global Expansion Strategy

Analyse, Build, Coach  & Implement  are the  4 pillars of our journey together.

We advise your  international Strategy , from the  Product Market Fit to the final operations set up.

We establish with you the objectives and the international strategy road-map . Together we define frameworks and action plans. We coach the execution and adaptations.

Your International Business Development in 3  Steps: Build – Scale – Engage

Global Business Development strategy consulting

Depending on the organization’s level of maturity, we position the action plan on building the fundamentals. We structure your Departments, Business Units and Subsidiaries. The acceleration of the expansion on the markets is then facilitated.

Our Services in a Nutshell

International Product Market Fit

Support in Designing Product Market Fit and Minimum Viable Product

• Review of Early adopters, Net Promoter Score, Scorecards

• Blue Ocean Positionning , Account Base Marketing and Personas

• Pivot requirments and market alignments

International Expansion Readiness Diagnostic

Assessment on company’s readiness to expand its operations internationally

• Competitive Capabilities

• Motivation for Going International

• Commitment of Owners and Top Management

• Existing Product/Service Readiness for Foreign Markets

• Skill, Knowledge and Resources

• Experience and Training

International Strategy Design and Roadmaps

• Foreign Market evaluations and selection

• Market Entry modes

• International expansion Business Plan

• Roadmaps, International Actions Plans (Sales/Marketing/Organization..)

• Budgeting

International Operations Set Up

• Planing and opening of office/subsidiary

• Legal, HR-Recruitment, Admin & Financial guidance

• Distribution, representation or partnership agreements

 International Marketing / Digital and Offline

• Guidance on Designing Communication, Website and Content for International Expansion • Techniques of building visibility and reputation on Social Networks

• Support in building Data Bases of prospects, partners and Customers abroad

• Guidance on Marketing Tools for acquisition, lead generation, and customer loyalty abroad


We first determine the company’s international ambition, by activity and by geography. We then start running internal and external diagnosis

Internal and External Diagnosis

  • Organizational audit of the structure readiness for international development
  • Running of the Internal Diagnosis –
  • Identification of Internationalization Drivers for the company
  • SWOT Review
  • Evaluation of the maturity of the company for an international scope 

External Analysis and Market Reviews

Assessment of a markets potentials, quantitative and qualitative Surveys

Review of your product or service positioning. Evaluate market size and trends. Check the competitive landscape .Identify key players. Set your value proposition for the market.

Approach and assessment of markets

Detection of  Business Opportunities – Competitive Benchmark

  • Industry Technology and Competitive Review
  • Product Market Fit
  • Elaboration of the Playbook
  • Go to Market Scenarios

Our experts, experienced managers  from  the Tech  Industry and Business Services (B2B/B2C) cover  20 countries.


Market entry strategy

We list and select the steps of your market entry strategy according to level of maturity and Business environment



International Expansion Roadmaps

  • Define the possible scenarios with Assets/Geographies matrices
  • Select the modes of entry into the markets
  • Determine the Time to Market strategy
  • Set-up Market Entry  scenarios, Targeting, qualification and selection of partners
  • Benchmark of subsidiaries, affiliates, offices, branches, distribution or franchise network choices

Development of Action Plans

International Strategy Road map. Launch Plans , Timelines, Budget and Investment Pla

Internal Transformation Operations

  • International Sales and Marketing Strategy
  • Management Tools, Reporting and Performance Monitoring
  • Commercial Strategy and International Marketing Plans – selection of Sales Channels – Human Resource Plans
  • Sourcing of local service providers and partners
  • Negotiation and drafting of contracts
  • M&A . Joint Venture
  • Management and monitoring of the local operation
  • Staff Management
  • Support for  legal and fiscal tasks
  • Implementation of databases and digital marketing tools
  • Measuring & Performance Indicators
  • Targeting, Qualification and Selection of Partners

International  Expansion: External Growth

Build up as an international growth strategy

Acquisition operation, minority interests, M&A and Joint-Ventures

International Business Strategy & Organic growth

  • Setting up your subsidiaries, branches or commercial network
  • Legal and fiscal set-up and creation of the subsidiary
  • Management and monitoring of the subsidiary
  • Support for the negotiation. Drafting of contracts with Distributors and Partners

Acceleration on the markets

  • Follow-up of negotiations / transaction
  • Support for local business development
  • Support for recruitment Top management and talent profiling

Expansion to Europe

How did american companies chose their location and establish presence in Europe.

We are the drivers for an expansion strategy in Europe. Please read our related article “US companies in Europe : Expansion strategy” to learn about the decision making factors of best US digital and tech companies in Europe.

Resources for your international expansion

We have most of the existing resources to support you global Expansion in every respective country in the world :  International Trade organizations and agencies, world trade organisations and statistics, foreign Trade and Investment authorities.

We have made a special focus on Business France, the french foreign trade agency. France has become the first European destination for Foreign Investments. 

The attractiveness ranking, benefits, list of investors, are displayed in our article : Invest in France

Our network of partners is established in Europe (Germany, UK, France, Benelux, Poland, Italy, Spain)   Americas (USA, Canada)  and Asia (Japan, Vietnam, China, Australia).

We accelerate your  Time to Market and partner with  Euroquity

We Design and Build International Expansion for Start-ups, Scale-Ups, Techs, VC’s.

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