Our  Mission : To support your International Business Development

Analyse, Build, Coach  & Implement  are the  4 pilars of our journey together.

International Growth Stages

We advise your  international Strategy , from the  Product Market Fit to the final operations set up.

Your International Business Development in 3  Steps: Build – Scale – Harvest

Our experts, experienced managers  from  the Tech  Industry and Business Services (B2B/B2C) cover  20 countries.

We help to take your business global  

Organization audit – review and preparation for international growth readyness

Growing your Business Global
♣  Assessment of a potential markets, quantitatives and qualitatives Surveys:

Review of your product or service positioning. Evaluate market size and trends. Check the competitive landscape .Identify key players. Set your value proposition for the market.

♥  International Strategy Roadmap. Launch Plans , Timelines, Budget and Investment Plans.

Commercial Strategy and International Marketing Plans – selection of Sales Channels – Human Resource Plans

  • Set-up Market Entry  scenarios, Targeting, qualification and selection of partners
  • Set up of your of subsidiaries, affiliates, offices, branches, distribution or franchise network

⊕ Sourcing of local service providers and partners

Δ Negotiation and drafting of contracts

  • M&A . Joint Venture

Ω Management and monitoring of the local operation

∞ Staff Management

ψ Support for  legal and fiscal tasks

Λ Implementation of databases and digital marketing tools

Σ Measuring & Performance Indicators

Our network of partners is established in Europe (Germany, UK, France, Benelux, Poland, Italy, Spain)   Americas (USA, Canada)  and Asia (Japan, Vietnam, China, Australia).

We accelerate your  Time to Market and parter with  Euroquity

We Design and Build International Expansion for Startups, ScaleUps, Techs, VC’s.

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