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Business Scaling is not rocket science. In this Fireside Chat with Emmanuel Facovi, Amir Orad, CEO of Sisense , reveals his best practices.

Interview Amir Orad Sisense


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How to scale a Business

It is common sense and humility. Building the best possible team to manage a company takes a good mix of building a vision for the team, empowering and engaging its business colleagues.

Data and Instinct

“There are only two rules when making decisions. The first is, trust the data, and the second is, trust your gut. If the data and your gut don’t agree, you have to trust your gut.”

Work on Diversity

“There’s endless research showing that the diversity of mind, opinions, and perspectives of people from different backgrounds makes a better team.”

Criticisms and Opinions

“Allow and encourage them to push back and tell you that you are making a mistake.”



Set up the rules

Leveling up a leadership team is probably the hardest part of the CEO’s job.  The CEO must  learn to put his ego aside and hire up. It is his responsibility to make sure his people grow and always feel valuable.

Build the company Culture

In fact, the strongest cultures bind people together across both hierarchy and geography. It is the question of guiding them to make the right decisions and advance the business without explicit direction.

Gather the Talents

A company’s key to success is in its heart and soul. Diversity in Management is not about setting gender, demographic, ethnicity quotas. It is rather of building a wide pipeline of diverse talents.

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Emmanuel Facovi – Managing Partner & Founder

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