International Trade Agencies and Consulting

International Trade Agencies

Who are the actors of International Trade. A focus on International Trade Agencies, Foreign Trade Agencies and Global Trade Organizations.

  1. Their Role and Organization
  2. The list of agencies in France, in the world and globally
  3. Statistics and Data sites Countries/Exchanges

The Private Consulting or Advisory for International trade or global expansion help companies to expand their business on foreign market. They provide advice on building and executing the international development strategy. They have expertise on geography and or  industry sectors

Terms and Definitions

2  categories of agencies coexist: The global agencies and the governmental agencies.

Governmental international trade agencies are also called foreign trade agencies.  They  are national or regional agencies.

Objectives of International Trade Agencies 

Global agencies promote international commerce, trade and economic development. In some cases, they have a regulatory role.

Roles and Activities of governmental export and trade agencies

The mandate of the agency is mainly to develop the exports of their companies of origin towards foreign markets. Second, they develop export-supported jobs in the country of origin. 

Government trade agencies are a little known, but incredibly valuable, resource for entering new markets. Many trade agencies provide free or subsidized support to Partners in their country. The agency mandate is to primarily grow exports of their home companies to foreign markets, and secondarily grow export-backed jobs in the home country. Most often these agencies have branches or offices in many foreign countries.Combined with Promotion Services, they promote foreign investment on national soil or the development of activities such as tourism.


Scope of Services

Here are some of the areas where trade agencies can assist you

  • Introducing key industry professionals, prospective buyers, and business partners in the target geography.
  • Facilitating regional trade “missions” to learn more about a given market.
  • Assisting with marketing campaigns.
  • Hosting marketing events at a government venue. This may include the presence of an ambassador or local official.
  • Procuring invitations to trade dinners and other networking events.
  • Sharing of market reports, industry surveys
  • Advising on best practices and approaches to individual markets.
  •  Locating market acceleration funds.
  • Generating leads and other business development services, including telephone or LinkedIn campaigns.


Trade agencies can help Partners jump start the relationship building process. This kind of support will only be effective if the Partner has done the necessary market entry planning and validation. Partners should be regularly engaged with their trade agency counterparts for greatest benefit.

Trade agencies can help companies start a matchmaking process. This type of assistance will only be effective if the company has defined its international business development  strategy and its target market.


International Trade Agencies in the World

The major global economic and trade institutions come from different organizations:

  • World Trade Organization, WTO or WTO World Trade Organization
  • International Monetary Fund  IMF provides in particular macro  economic and financial information
  • OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development)
  • United Nations (UN or UNO, United Nation Organization)

These institutions provide economic data, studies and research on the country’s situation. They promote global trade.

Access to the databases of these agencies is indicated at the bottom of the article.


List of International Trade Agencies in Europe and USA

Belgium www.abh-
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Denmark www.
Ireland www.
Luxembourg www.tradeandinvest .lu
North Macedonia
Norway www.norwayexports .no
Portugal www.portugalglobal.p t
San Marino
Sweden www
USA https:/ /

List of International Trade Agencies in Asia and the Pacific

List of International Trade Agencies in the rest of the world


International Trade statistics and dataData and statistics International Trade

Many sites provide international trade data and statistics on countries

  • Statistics from the International Trade Administration (ITA) in the United States data-analysis

  • World Trade Organization (WTO)

  • European Union (EU) statistics


  • OECD trade and economic statistics (OECD)

https: //

  • Fund (IMF)

  • MonetaryUN Data and Statistics


International Trade Agencies in France

A governmental organization brings together international trade and export promotion activities. It’s Business France.

For the investment part, Invest in France is responsible for attracting foreign companies. The program is known as Choose France.

Business France

Business France is the French agency for international business development. It coordinates actions to promote and develop the presence of French companies abroad. It is the main operator of the French export presence. Its role is to facilitate local contacts and the establishment abroad of French companies. It is present worldwide in 100  countries. Its offices are placed under the authority of the French Ambassadors, like the economic services of the embassies. Recently the activities of Business France were grouped together with those of other players under the name Team France Export.

Team France Export

Team France Export brings together all the public solutions offered by the Regions, Ministries, Business France, Chambers of Commerce and Industry and Bpifrance (Investment Public Bank)  to support French companies internationally.


Foreign Trade Advisors France

France’s Foreign Trade Advisors (CCE) are at the service of France’s development. The 4,500 advisers work on a voluntary basis. They are committed in France and abroad in 150 countries. Their role is to promote and support the internationalization of French companies. 

CCI France International

The network of Chambers of Commerce France International (CCI France International)

A network of chambers of commerce with more than 30,000 member companies through more than 120 CCIs in nearly 100 countries. The gateway the kiosk issues reports, articles and country profiles.

Private International Trade or Global Expansion Consulting

Global Expansion advisory Service or Consulting help you to design and built your International Business Strategy.

Ipanovia and its team of consultants will support you in your Business development projects.

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