International Business Development 

You wish to set up your international  business strategy.

How to scale your business globally , is it essential for your company ?

You wonder if you shall expand your business internationally ?

A Global Business Development beyond your domestic market requires expertise that can be provided by an International consulting agency.

Why, Where, How, When, and with Whom. This is a question about growing or sustaining your business.

European Market entry


The Global expansion strategy 

Expanding your business abroad is obvious. In our globalized and digitized economy, it is risky to stay tuned on your domestic market . Emerging competitors and technologies  arise from every corner of the world.  For the least, it is a must to consider the option of going global. We help you to evaluate the opportunities, pitfalls and risks. 

The Drivers of Internationalization

Proactive or Reactive Motivations

Markets offer you additional potential for growth and acceleration to become a global player.

Prioritize the motivations:

  • Revenue Growth
  • Profitability Increase
  • Competitive Pressure and defensive strategy
  • Market Gap identification
  • Geographical coverage requirements
  • Market trends evolution
  • and many more..

The culture of risk also plays a preponderant role in the process of international plans

Diagnosis Global Business Development

Above all, it is important to carry out an internal audit. What is the level of readiness of your organizations and solutions ?Global Business Development strategy consulting

Our regular methodologies

we have adapted theses processes to start-up, scale-up, SaaS and service companies

Check-up of the preparation for internationalization

Top Management

  • Motivation of the management team
  • Commitment of the managerial teams

Human Resources

  • Multiculturalism: – Bilinguals – Foreign professional/educational backgrounds
  • Foreign market experience: Competitor / Sector / Profession / Adjacent – ​​Consulting / Publisher / Integrator / Agency
  • Linguistic skills: Spoken languages ​​/ Written languages ​​/ Level-certificate
  • Level of seniority of candidates
  • Senior Management: Expatriation experience or willingness
  • Individual ambitions vs International careers


  • Positioning / Image / reputation
  • Bilingualism of the name
  • International events / PR / foreign
  • Multilingual Website / referencing ents (owler, Captera, G2, Forrester, Gartner…) 
  • Check SEA/SEO portals Google….
  • Differentiation 


  • CRM / ERP (Client / Admin / HR Management)
  • Financial Resources  or sources of financing for M&A 
  • Company incorporation
  • Identification of Partners / Cloud / Networks / Com tools / 
  • Domain names

Global Business Development Strategy check list 

Here a list of questions you may yourself before starting engaging foreign markets:

Ready to Go Global?

  1. Is my business having potentials outside of the domestic market ?
  2. I received  interests or inquiries from contacts, reps, intermediaries, consumers or companies abroad   ? How to deal with it ?
  3. Need more technologies or inspiration from other foreign players ? Where can I get them ?
  4. More  funding required to step up ? Will I get more elsewhere ?
  5. Then, are my ambitions to grow my business on a global scale legitimate ?
  6. I am searching for partners on  Technology, Marketing, or Sales . Who can help ?
  7. The risks and benefits?
  8. What country/market choosing ?
  9. How much sales can I expect?
  10. What resources and funding are necessary ?
  11. Go to Market channels , what is the most appropriate?Ready to Go Global?
  12. What about  my business continuity?
  13. How to expand steadily?
  14. What people to work with?  How to find a country manager?
  15. Market entry , who are the influencers and decision-makers?
  16. Still want how to expand Business internationally ?
  17. How long will it take to payback ?
  18. Local tax and financial regulations?
  19. What are the legal constraints ?
  20. How shall I build my local operations?

Check  the solutions  with experienced professionals.

Take inspiration  with some of the best success stories  with Born Global companies  or with some of the  Start-up Nation players 

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