Advising your International Business Development

IPANOVIA team powers international business development and the globalization of Medium Size companies and Large Groups within the Industry, NTIC, and Digital markets. We now especially support the global expansion of fast-growing Startups and Scale-Ups of high growth technology, with a disruptive approach.

Ipanovia has been founded by Emmanuel Facovi & Svetlana Loginova Facovi

Our Team offers over 25 years of experience in International Business Development, running operations in North America, Asia and Europe in the Industry, High Tech and Services.

Our methodology :

  • Analyse & InsightsInternational Consulting

  • Strategy Design and BuiltElaborer la stratégie internationale

  • International CoachingInternational Coaching

  • Execution and SetupImplémenter l'internationalisation


We offer a comprehensive range of services to help companies to Go Global.

Its includes the early-stage market opportunities review, the sourcing of local partners or distributors, the early set up of offices or subsidiaries, the M&A operations.

Above all we make you think out of the box, boosting innovation.

Differentiation is on top of our methodology.

Our expertise is at crossroads of digital tech & international development.

We set your international development strategy . We accelerate your business beyond borders in over 20 countries in Europe, APAC and Americas.

Digital breakthrough leads to reconsider growth strategies and international expansion. The presence on  the international playground is instrumental to remain competitive.

Tech innovations, the Product Market Fit , Business Intelligence using Insights, digital cutting edge solutions, deep market knowledge  enable us to scale up your development plans.

Our experience in developing then managing operations in Europe, the Americas, and Asia, is instrumental in the process of approaching those markets. We gather the best experts and solutions to support your international expansion.

These assets are today’s core skills to take your business on new markets abroad.

We support growth companies, Start-Up,  Scale-up, and their investors / VC towards a successful internationalization.

Our partner network covers local offices in over 20 countries and offers a high level of diversity, competencies, and experiences.

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About Emmanuel Facovi the Founder and Managing Partner

Emmanuel Facovi - Managing PartnerAs CEO / senior executive his expertise consists in leading Tech companies (Saas, marketplaces, Techs) with ambitious growth objectives in fast-changing environments.
He is a cross-cultural high technology executive passionate about new techs, innovation, disruptive models, and above all scaling your Business globally. One the the most renowned Expert in Data, Marketing Strategies of Tech and Digital Industries,
As an « all-rounder » entrepreneur with a proven track record of building high-performing teams, I has a wide skill set ranging from Strategy and International Sales performance also encompassing Finance, Marketing/advertising and legal/HR/culture.
He is an enthusiastic leader, keen on making sure that the office develops every day into an even “Greater Place to work”, gathering professionals of diverse talents who succeed together with a common vision in mind.