IPANOVIA team powers international business development and the globalization of Medium Size companies and Large Groups within the Industry, NTIC, and Digital markets. We now especially support the global expansion of fast-growing Startups and Scale-Ups of high growth technology, with a disruptive approach.

Our Team offers over 25 years of experience in International Business Development, running operations in the USA, UK, GERMANY, BELGIUM, SWITZERLAND, SPAIN, RUSSIA, JAPAN,  FINLAND…in the Industry, Telecom, Martech, Adtech, and Digital ventures.

We offer a comprehensive range of services to help companies to Go Global including the early-stage market opportunities review, the sourcing of local partners or distributors, the early set up of offices or subsidiaries, the M&A operations, but above all we make you think out of the box, innovation, and differentiation on top of our methodology.

Our partner network covers local offices in over 20 countries and offers a high level of diversity, competencies, and experiences.

IPANOVIA a registered company    Headquartered, Domaine des Lions,  9 Rue du Clos de la Famille 78240 Chambourcy – France – SIRET 880 193 461 00014

contact us at contact@ipanovia.com or fill below form