How to build its international Business network?

To build international Business networks, with managers and decision-makers use web professional networking platforms.

In France, 85% of BTB decision-makers use Linkedin. 37.4% of decision-makers have bought a product or service following the discovery of content on social networks. Moreover, 2 times out of 3 they did not know the company before reading the content (according to the Social Selling Barometer 2020 | Intuiti – The Post Office Solutions Business).

Build your international network with Linkedin

In France, Linkedin  has 21 million members, compared to 29 million in Great Britain, and only 15 million for the whole of Germany, Austria and Switzerland (called DACH in German). But then where are the decision makers?

Well, there are more of them, 18.5 million on Xing , an equivalent of Linkedin in German.

Linkedin users worldwilde

Linkedin is still very far away worldwide (excuse the little it’s 174 million members in the United States) and as shown by the map of members to September 2020:our close neighbours, who represent by far the strongest European economy, prefer the local model so far.But, the battle is raging between the two firms to capture users and budgets.

Xing, The German speaking Business Network

Indeed, Xing, it is 18.5 million members at the end of October 2019, thus significantly more than Linkedin on the same geography (DACH). It is an annual turnover of more than 280 million euros and 1900 employees.

On the feature side, there are the same features and subscription models, but no prospecting tools like Sales Navigator.

On the other hand, the ability to show sponsored content and targeted advertisements is the same on both sides.

Subscription Side Comparison:

  • Rates for a Premium subscription cost you €9.95/month at Xing compared to €28.74 per month for Linkedin.

Advertising Rating Comparison:

  • Linkedin rates are very high with CPCs of 1.5 to 6 euros with an average rather around 4 .PMCs range from 30 to 50 degrees with an average of 40
  • At Xing, the price is also high with an average of 5 cent€. CPM is twice as high at 20 degrees on average.

The different formats available at Xing

  • Xing Ads (advertisements including video)
  • Sponsored Articles – Sponsored Articles (Target Advertisement in Xing Newsletters ) Minimum Budget: €10,000
  • Email campaigns – Sponsored Mailings (emailing campaigns on targeted groups – count from €30,000
  • View Campaigns

So, for your Digital Marketing International, select the right media to communicate.

And thus, increase your visibility with decision-makers, investors, recruiters, business partners or future customers.

Social Business network in China, Russia, Germany

in Russia

By 2020, VKontakte  (Russia) is the 20th most traffic-free site in the world.

Of course, it should be remembered that in 2017, Linkedin, which refused to host the personal data of Russian citizens on Russian territory, was banned. It has since been known that the personal data of Europeans hosted by many networks outside Europe has been largely looted at regular intervals. More recently, Whatsapp announced that it would transfer the personal data of its users to third parties, to Facebook. (not applied in Europe at the moment).

In China

  • Wechat, a brand of Tencent, is originally a dating app. Today it is a very powerful social tool but also a professional tool.
  • Weibo a brand of Sina Corporation is focused on creating content and information
  • QQ tencent’s other brand is like Wechat a social and content sharing tool.

See also our china  VVR partner’s informative article on local Social Selling.

Other specialized international networks on verticals.

  • The-dots bring together creatives. a French equivalent is on the same niche  Myprofilart
  • Heyneighbours , is in development, it is a professional network for entrepreneurs.
  • Research Gate  specializes in scientific communities.
  • Stagetimearts , a community for artists.
  • Radius  for real estate agents.
  • Another example   50intech , an accelerator dedicated to the technology ecosystem that advocates for Women in Power

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