Business Data B2B B2C for Sales and Marketing

We support you with comprehensive Business Data Bases and Insights  for your sales and marketing operations.

Our data covers BtoB and Consumers segments in USA and Canada.

Consumers Data USA

Consumers Business Data

An exhaustive US consumers database with +268M individuals,+217M emails, covering 85M Homes breakdown by demographics, age groups, incomes, behavioral, lifestyle, financial and homeowner data to help you target and profile.

Business to Business Data

Our reference databases offer the top +24M B2B companies with +10M  nominative emails, 15M URL’s+20M Phones in the USA, and all the selection criteria including SIC activity codes,  States, decision-makers functions, range of revenues and financial information, Websites…

These numbers are our inventory by early 2021. More counts available since then.

B2B Marketing Data USA

Our US data and Insight allow you to conduct new prospect acquisition and identification.

  customer profiling,

  • Data cleansing,

  • Data analytics,

  • email marketing,

  • digital processing,

  • social media feeds,

  • direct mail,

  • telemarketing,

  • lead generation,

  • segmenting and related marketing jobs.

The Business Data we provide is complementary to Insight and Webmedia Media Watch solutions

We also provide BtB and Consumers Data for Canada.

In case you need data for Europe, and especially the french market we can also deliver B2B and B2C data, please consult our dedicated page.

For U.S federal data on  macroeconomics, please go to

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