Gigafactory investments are flourishing in Europe

The Age of Cathedrals has gone ? The Age of Gigafactories has come. Every month is unveiling new gigafactory investments.

The scene is really heating up in Europe . Europe has 40 new gigafactories investments planned, representing a total of around €30 billion

Gigafactories Investments in Europe
European Gigactories

Electrical Vehicle market is surging

According to the latest forecasts, 40% of all new cars sold will be electric by 2030, rising to almost 100% of the new car market by 2040.


Governments and Car industry on top of new gigafactory investments

  • Emmanuel Macron unveiled a €2 billion investment by Shanghai-based Envision AESC for a battery factory in Douai to power Renault Group electric vehicles.
  • Boris Johnson announced a £1 billion investment by Nissan Motor Corporation + Envision in Sunderland to produce a new generation electric crossover.
  • Stellantis(Chrysler, Peugeot, Fiat, Opel, Dodge…) announced an EV battery strategy of over 260GWh by 2030, supported by five “Gigafactories” between Europe and North America, a plan of 30 €Billions through 2025.This will be an addition to the 2 factories in Douvrin (Fr) and Kaiserslautern (D). Italy is in the scope for the next Gigafactory.


Tesla built the first European Gigafactory

After its first Gigafactory in the Nevada desert, Tesla has located its European Gigafactory near Berlin. A 6 billion euro investment including a 1 billion euro subsidy from the EU.


Battery is the new gold:

Most battery/EV manufacturers are from Asia, but some European Players are getting into the game.
Swedish start-up Northvolt has already secured contracts worth €27 billion, including a €14 billion order from Volkswagen AG to produce its batteries for the next decade and a €2 billion order from BMW Group.
Norwegian energy company FREYR is planning a gigafactory in Mo i Rana, powered by wind and hydro energy, and a 50 kW plant in the US.
In France, the start-up Verkor is aiming for a gigafactory in southern Europe in collaboration with Schneider Electric and InnoEnergyEU.

Environment and Batteries : Gigafactory investments in question

Batteries are made from rare earths (REE) such as lithium, nickel, cobalt or graphite, depending on mining activities. There are also a number of questions about the environmental impact and recycling implications.

Are we entering the era of a new electrical revolution ?

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