Media Intelligence solutions

Global Market and Decision Makers Insights

Power your Business solutions with smart data and signals. 

Global Market insights will improve your prospect and customer intimacy. Technology detects buying or competitive signals. SaaS solutions give you the ability to screen and map information.

Decision-makers and Executives News

Experts articles

Influencers messages

Business Media Watch

Content Intelligent Solutions

The content intelligence solution feeds your teams, users, and websites  with the most relevant information amoung the screening of 4,7 Mio Web sources 

Web sources crawling

  • All scopes of web sources: news, press releases, company websites, blogs, forums, social medias, job websites, classified ads, …
  • Multilingual and evolving sourcing
  • A thematic folder approach to adapt and filter  sources  to your needs

Smart Data for Buying signals and global market insights

Insights bring Smart Data inside your Platforms via API’s as a white label. 

  • Integrate  Insights into your platforms,
  • provide your internal teams, your users and your customers with advanced Business signals

social Media inputs


  • Events Participations
  • Product Launch
  • Buy Intent
  • Organizational changes,
  • Contract wins,   
  • New investments,
  • New office set up
  • Partnerships agreements
  • technology agreements
  • News, Information and Dynamic Data flows.

Marketing Intelligence Module:

For one administrator, 4 readers, 10 folders (all standard functions, possible options listed below)

Options :

    • > Additional users
    • > Additional folders
    • > RSS delivery of selected infos from your folders to other web applicationsKeywords and Media survey

About the sources

  • more than 4,700,000  web sources are automatically selected according to the thematic folders chosen. It is about 320,000 sources per day on average.  Your set of sources constantly upgrades to suit your requirements.  A New source can be added upon your demand
  • The sources are organized by related  Typology, Business Activity, Country…
  • A dynamic filtering technology to feed thematic folders.
  •  Automatic selection of  sources and web information relevant to your area of interest;
  • Screening information  in real-time : according to their rate of update.

The platform is available on a Subscription Model.

The information can be delivered within a dashboard, push email alerts or newsletters.

A Data visualization solution is provided to access statistics and analytics.

Global Market Insights solution providers

These solutions are based on technologies provided by providers such as Qwam, Sindup, Meltwater, Linkfluence

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