Foreign Investment in France

They chose France, Who are they?  Why do they Invest in France ?

These companies are world champions who have decided to invest in France in recent years.

Foreign Investments in France

As a key forum for foreign investors, every year,  the Choose France Summit presents, details and explains the reforms undertaken to foster France’s economic
activity to major foreign companies. During Choose France, ad hoc meetings are organized for participants, including bilateral meetings with the key players in the French business
environment, and themed workshops on the major economic transformations and reforms launched by the French government.

Attractiveness for Invest in France

Since 2019, they have enabled France to become the leading destination for foreign investment in Europe, (according to EY)  with 180,000 jobs created. In 2022, the new investment projects amount to €6.7 billion.

Leading Invest in France by Country

The main investments over the last 4 years have been  led by the United-States with approx 19% for the total , followed by Germany (18%), Great Britain (9%), Belgium (7%) and the Netherlands (6%).  Asia accounts for 8% and Africa for 3%.

Investment Breakdown by region

Our Review of US companies expansion strategy will spot the key drivers for choosing Europe and France

Purpose of the Investments

In 2021, France is the first European destination for industrial investments (30 investments). First place also for Research and Development (R&D), which represents 10% of all investments. Altogether 7% of Investors decide to locate their European headquarters in France.

Investments mostly involved creations

The projects are  almost equally divided between new creations of locations and extensions.

Investment Breakdown by Project

Investments by Project

Breakdown of Investments by sectors

The main investment sectors in 2021

  • Wholesale and retail trade 15%
  • IT and Internet 10%
  • Consulting and Services 7%
  • Automotive 5%
  • Transport 5%
  • Machinery and industrial equipment 5%
  • Chemicals 4%
  • Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology 4%Investments by sector of activity

Most recent Investments projects

The last announcements in 2022 :

 🇪🇸 Spain with Amadeus in the Alpes Maritimes

🇺🇸 Fedex in Roissy, Globalfoundries in Isère or Qualcomm

🇮🇪  Ireland with Accenture in Finistère. 

🇻🇳 Vietnam with Vinfast

🇮🇹 Italia with Trenitalia Le, third European rail operator, in Lyon

🇩🇪 Germany with Vorwerk (Thermomix)

🇸🇪 Sweden with EricssonInvestment new projects

Top Invests by Sectors past 5 years

  • Business services:

    • The Adecco Group (Switzerland): 2,750 jobs created throughout the country
    • Fedex (United States): €20 million investment in ile-de-France
    • Manpower (United States): 1,000 full-time and 6,000 temporary jobs created throughout the country
  • Electronic and electric components:

    • Ericsson (Sweden): 300 jobs created in ile-de-France
    • Prysmian (Italy): €40 million investment and 45 jobs created in Bourgogne-Franche-Comté and lie-de-France
    • Vorwerk (Germany): €40 million investment and 850 jobs created throughout the country
  • Health care:

    • Astra Zeneca (UK): €500 million investment and 120 jobs created in the Hauts-de-France and Grand-Est regions
    • B.Braun (Germany): €15 million investment in Nouvelle Aquitaine and Centre Val de Loire
    • Becton Dickinson (United States): €176 million investment in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes
    • Biogen (United States): €25 million investment
    • Ecolab (United States): €45 million investment in the Hauts-de-France region
    • Hartmann (Germany): in the Grand-Est region
    • Merck (Germany): €175 million investment and 500 jobs created in Nouvelle Aquitaine and the Grand-Est region
    • Microport (China): €350 million investment in ile- de-France
  • Transport equipment:

    • Envision gapan/China): €2 billion investment and 2,500jobs created in Hauts-de-France by 2030
    • Toyota gapan): €400 million investment and 1,200 jobs created in Hauts-de-France
    • Transpod (Canada): €20 million investment in Nouvelle Aquitaine
  • IT services:

    • Cisco (United States): €60 million investment
    • Facebook (United States): €10 million investment and 30 jobs created in ile-de-France.
    • Google (United States): 250 jobs created in ile-de-France and Brittany
    • IBM (United States): 100 jobs created in ile-de-France
    • Mastercard (United States): G1.2 million investment and 15 jobs created in ile-de-France
    • Microsoft (United States): 40 jobs created in ile-de-France
    • SAP (Germany): €750 million investment and 34 jobs created in the South, ile-de-France and Normandy regions
  • Agri-food:

    • East Bait (United States): €37 million investment and 65 jobs created in ile-de-France
    • General Mills (United States): €17 million investment and 80 jobs created in Hauts-de-France
    • Hochland (Germany): €90 million investment in the Grand-Est region
    • Mars (United States): €155 million investment and 20 jobs created in the Grand-Est, Hauts-de-France and Occitanie regions
    • Mondelez (United States): €57 million investment and 20 jobs created in Nouvelle Aquitaine and Hauts-de-France
    • SPC (South Korea): €20 million investment and 40 jobs created in Normandy
    • CCEP (Coca-Cola), UK: €500 million investment and 46 jobs created in Hauts-de-France
    • The Coca-Cola Company (United States): €500 million investment in Hauts-de-France
    • Vicky Foods: €62 million investment and 250 jobs created in Bourgogne Franche-Comté
  • Chemicals, cosmetics, plastics and other materials:

    • Iris Ohyama Japan): €8 million investment and 100 jobs created in Ile-de-France
    • Norske Skog (Norway): €260 million investment in the Grand-Est region
    • Procter & Gamble (United States): €90 million investment in the Hauts-de-France region
    • Tetra Laval (Switzerland): €100 million investment in the Pays-de-la-Loire region
  • Retail services:

    • Enterprise Holdings (United States):
    • SNAP (United States):
    • Zalando (Germany): €300 million investment and 2,000 jobs created

Major Investment are specifically growing in Europe, the is the case of Battery and Electric Vehicles related Investments . A number of “Gigafactory” are currently under project.

How to settle in France

A specific resource gives detailed information on  how to settle in France. You will find guidance on Visa and resident permits, Employment regulations, Taxation, Social protection and cultural aspects.

You can visit Welcome to France  website.

Tourism in France

Atout France,  France’s national tourism development Agency provide a full picture on opportunities to travel and Invest in France for Tourism related sector.

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