Turn-on Smart Data & Insight 

We are living in a  fast-paced changing environment. The attached DOMO infography shows the incredible amount of data that is now flowing on several Apps.

Data is the Oil of the Modern Economy. It fuels Marketing Intelligence.

In order to manage growth and close new deals in the expanding digital landscape, Startups need to have a deep understanding of their overall business environment.









Customer Knoweldge

Better knowing prospects, customer’s needs,  markets, challenges,  competitors, influencer’s, targets and adopt an advisor/consultative approach is key.

It is today a strong Business requirement to develop a greater awareness of the customers’ expectations and all parameters that might affect the buying decision process :

The most recent surveys (1) showed that 57 % of the buyer journey is completed before the buyer talks to the “Sales”

A the same time, in companies with more than 100 employees, the buying decision involves more than 7 people in average (2)

It is a fact that the traditional sales approach becomes less influential throughout the decision-making process, and that only the start-ups that make themselves more agile using SMART DATA and INSIGHT, will take an advantage in the race.

The Challenge for many Startups is that they have to become data scientists !

Data Science and Marketing Intelligence

But limited time vs unlimited data is an unsolvable equation for many startups wondering How to turn Big Data into Smart Data and Insight 

Coming to the definition, Smart data is Big data turned into actionable data . It is available in real-time for a variety of business outcomes :

Big Data to Insight
How to turn big data into Insight

New solutions on the market analyses millions of data and deliver customized alerts and business signals. These alerts are great opportunities to start a quality dialog with a prospect. Engage by bouncing off a news story, a mutual relationship, or one of the lead’s business stakes.

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