International Subsidiary and Branch Set up

Foreign subsidiary, Branch or Representation Office

Once you have built your  International Business Development strategy, and selected your Markets, we assist in the set up of your foreign subsidiary

Set up of offices and SubsidiariesLiaison Office Paris

Looking to establish a strong presence for your business in France and Europe? Look no further than Ipanovia’s expert services in setting up liaison offices, branches, and subsidiaries. With our comprehensive knowledge and experience in the local market, we provide tailored solutions to help you localize your business operations seamlessly. Whether you’re aiming to penetrate the French market or expand your reach across Europe, our dedicated team ensures a smooth and efficient establishment process. Trust Ipanovia to navigate the complexities of legal, administrative, and financial requirements specific to France and European countries, allowing you to focus on your core business activities. Take your localization efforts to new heights with Ipanovia’s professional services for liaison offices, branches, and subsidiaries in France and Europe. Contact us today to unlock your growth potential in this thriving market.

Set up of local operations

Deals and contracts Management withLiaison Office


  • Distributors
  • Suppliers
  • Service Providers
  • Partners
  • Customers

Set up of offices and Subsidiaries

Recruitment of Country Mangers and Key Staff.

Within the framework of international contracts

It is necessary to analyze all the risks and the local legal environment.

The legal approach to international activities

  • Local law and its specificity in relation to French law
  • International conventions between the signatory countries.
  • Choice of applicable law and consequences of the international nature of the contract
  • Methods of dispute settlement
  • The different types of service, sales, cooperation and distribution contracts.

Content of the international sales agreements 

Which right to refer to – Which will be the competent jurisdictions?

  • Transfers of ownership, responsibility, risk.
  • The conformity of the services or goods delivered. Payment and delivery conditions
  • Analysis of financial risks and choice of payment methods
  • Call for tenders procedures to be followed
  • Definition of the geographical scope and time limit of the contract
  • Additional clauses to the contract to be provided

Commercial agency and distribution contracts

  • Definition of the territory and duration of the contract
  • Principle of exclusivity, contractual customers
  • System of remuneration of the agent and distributor
  • Employment contracts and applicable rights.

We put you in touch with lawyers in international business law for appropriate advice.

For a first approach, you can also consult law firms like DLA Piper  .

Emmanuel Facovi - Managing PartnerYou have plans to start a liaison office, a branch or company  in France and need guidance and insights on the market ?  Our advisors will be delighted to support the design and implementation of your Business Strategy in France and Europe. Please contact us at Ipanovia 


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