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Our International Development Partners team is passionate about International Business and Tech . Our team of multi-cultural experts offers extensive international experience. They are highly focussed in developping and managing operations in Industry, Services and French Tech . They will help you reaching a targeted or global footprint.

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Emmanuel Facovi

Emmanuel Facovi Germany


Founding Partner New York / Zurich /Berlin


As CEO / MD / GM my expertise consists in leading Tech companies (Saas, Deeptech, mobile-first models, etc.) with ambitious growth objectives in international fast-changing environments. I usually approach businesses with a special focus on Marketing,Sales, GTM and top-line performance, which then solves all other issues.





Svetlana LoginovaFrance

Svetlana Loginova Facovi

Founding Partner   Paris / St Petersburg







Raphael Tirat

Raphael Tirat in London


Globallians Partner





Yann Jadis

CanadaYann JADIS in Toronto

and his associate Frederic Lhotelier in Montreal

Globallians Partner




Thierry Mermet

Thierry Mermet in Saigon


Globallians Partner





Bruno Taeossian

Bruno Tateossian in Houston


Globallians Partner




Ilker Onur

Ilker Onur in Istanbul


Globallians Partner





Emmanuel Bisi

Emmanuel Bisi in Sidney


and his team in Australia/India

Globallians Partner



Cedric Fromont

Cedric Fromont in Krakow


and team in Central Europe

Globallians Partner




Camille Verchery Camille Verchery in  Shanghai

and his team

Globallians Partner





Jean Charles CrouinJean Charles Crouin

Expert Japan








Ipanovia are men and women who have the International for passion and a network of partners covering the world.


Our International development team operates  in Industry, Telecom, Adtech, Martech and Digital. The perfect Mix of diversity, competence and experience, helping you to think outside the box. We are fueled with innovation, cutivate ambition. Always enthusiastic for a new challenge.  

  • A comprehensive range of services to help companies to Go Global from the early-stage market opportunities review
  • The sourcing of partners or distributors
  • Business development roadmaps
  • The  set up of offices or affiliates
  • M&A operations.

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