• stratégie Internationalisation


    Market Reviews & Opportunities / Gateways to International Business Development / Diagnostic, Survey, Benchmark, Entry Modes, Global Expansion Strategy & …

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  • Elaborer la stratégie internationale

    STRATEGY Build International Business

    Roadmap & International Business Plan, Value Proposition, Target Markets, Go to Market, Product Market Fit

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  • International Coaching


    We coach every step of your International Business Development Support until the reach of target objective International Business advisors &  …

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  • Bureau et Filiale Internationale

    Execution & Incorporation

    M&A – Office Opening – Incorporation We help set up your Operations – we advise your Deals and Contracts  Build …

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  • Going Global with Ipanovia

    Accelerating your International Expansion with IPANOVIA

    Accelerate and Scale Your International expansion Across Europe, Asia, and America and go Global with  Ipanovia

    International Development Strategy and Go Global Consulting

    At Ipanovia, we are driven by our passion for innovation, technology, and international development strategies. Our expertise lies in guiding businesses like yours to conquer new markets with confidence.

    Liaison Office in Paris, Your Gateway to France and Europe

    As your trusted liaison office in Paris, Ipanovia is your gateway to the vibrant business landscapes of France and Europe. We offer a comprehensive range of services to foreign companies seeking market insights, expansion opportunities, and the establishment of their first operations in this lucrative region. Our expert team based in Paris possesses in-depth knowledge of local markets, regulatory frameworks, and cultural nuances, ensuring a seamless entry into the European market. From market research and strategic planning to legal compliance and operational support, we provide the necessary guidance and resources to help your business thrive in France and Europe. Trust Ipanovia to be your dedicated partner on the journey to success in this dynamic and influential marketplace.

    Experienced, Agile, and Multicultural Team

    Our team brings together a wealth of experience in developing and managing operations across Europe, Asia, and America. We thrive on the diversity and curiosity of our team members, ensuring we effectively address the unique challenges of each market.

    Unlock Global Opportunities with New Technologies

    Embrace the power of new technologies to fuel innovation and differentiate your business in international markets. Our insights, cutting-edge software solutions, and innovative methods enable more meaningful interactions with customers and partners. Unlock Opportunities & Ignite Success

    International Acceleration 

    To help you achieve your global goals faster, we implement proven methodologies such as OKR, PMF, MVP, MEDDICC, EFFECTUATION, GROWTH HACKING, and more. These strategies, combined with our expert guidance and roadmaps, empower start-ups, scale-ups, FrenchTech, and their investors/VCs for successful global expansion. Speed up Your Global Goals

    Trustworthy Support for International Development

    When you require support and guidance for your international development initiatives, you can trust Ipanovia. Our track record of success and unwavering commitment to our clients make us the partner of choice for navigating the complexities of global markets.

    Ready to Conquer the World? Let’s Connect!

    Ready to take your business to new horizons? Reach out to us today for reliable support and expert guidance in accelerating your international expansion. Contact us

    We help  Tech and Service companies, Saas, scale-ups, The French Tech , Private Equity and Advisory Firms for a successful global expansion.

    Emmanuel Facovi Directeur du Développement International ExternaliséEmmanuel Facovi ,Founder & Managing Partner

    Svetlana Loginova Facovi – Cofounder & Partner

    Meet the other members  Partners Team

    Experienced multicultural manager with a passion for new technologies, innovation, disruptive models and, above all, international business. Emmanuel Facovi is an expert in Digital, Data, Marketing Strategies and Saas/Tech solutions. He specializes in the transformation, international development and management of high-growth technology companies. An active contributor to Nokia’s golden decade, which took the company to €50 billion in sales in the early 2000s. He initiated major transformations of the company and its conquest of international markets.
    More recently, he has developed and overseen the operations of a digital and data group in over 70 countries, and launched international start-ups to reach €100 billion in sales. From the initial creation of subsidiaries, the merger or acquisition of new companies, to the rapid growth of local entities in Japan, the USA and Europe, he has held operational and team management positions in 12 countries in Europe, North America and Japan in major industrial groups, service companies and software publishers.

    An economist and legal consultant, Svetlana Facovi has international operational experience of the legal and administrative aspects of business development in new markets. She has worked for top consultancies and major international groups in Europe.

    Ipanovia, Your Trusted Consulting Partner for Global Expansion and Liaison Office in Paris


    Tel: +33 1 75 26 93 28

    Cabinet de Conseil en Developpement International


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