Startups, ScaleUps, Techs : We run  Insights & analyse the best Market Opportunities for your International Expansion  

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    Objective : Work out the Roadmap & Action Plan for the Target Markets, Define the International Business Plan , Build …

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    We coach every Step of your International Development and support until the reach of Target Objective

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  • Contract Management


    We set up your Operations – Manage your Deals and Contracts   

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  • International Development Consulting

    Ipanovia FounderSupporting your international Business development –

    Acceleration -scaling- in Europe, Asia and America

    Being “Global” and Tech:  International Development Strategy and Execution Consulting

    Our international experience is the heart of the expertise we put at your service to take you to new markets. We are passionate about new technologies and the International Development

    Our team is experienced, agile, multi-cultural.

    We are  expert in the development andTeam and Partners management of operations in Europe, Asia and America. The team diversity and curiosity are our success factors in addressing new markets.

    New technologies

    Enable innovation and differentiation in international markets. New tools allow for more interactions with customers and partners.

    The use of Acceleration methodologies

    To achieve your goals faster and more efficiently OKR, PMF, MVP, MEDDICC, EFFECTUATION, GROWTH HACKING…. and the International Development Consulting have no secrets for us.

    We help growth companies, start-ups, scale-ups and their frenchtech investors/VC for a successful internationalization. You want support, and international development advice you can trust us.

    With Ipanovia, They are boosted to International Excellence