Digital Marketers and Growth-hackers require efficient tools to run digital marketing analytics, generate leads, email campaigns, advertising retargeting, or to feed marketing automation tools, or CRM alike suites.

It often starts with building or verifying effective target lists, leads, and contact points of decision makers, consumers, influencers, buyers.

We have been mapping and reviewing the most relevant solutions to generate this data with the highest possible conversion rates and automatized marketing:



LushaLusha’s extension automatically scans a web page,  find email addresses of individual decision-makers in a company.
you are visiting and provides the most up-to-date contact information, in full compliance with the required data regulations. Lusha Plugin currently supports LinkedIn and Salesforce.



Real-time verified data for 430 million professionals across 17 million companies, worldwide.
Trusted by over 5.3 million users — powering sales, recruiting, and marketing at companies large and small.
Prospect, connect and converse with your leads at scale.


Clearbit helps you know who to target, who is visiting your website, and how to personalize campaigns while predicting churn before it happens.

Clearbit scrolls the needs of your visitors, identify more suitable prospects and helps you nurture them by engaging them


Leadgibbon is a lead database that Identifies your ideal buyer and gets a list of best contacts for your business in the United States, Canada, France, and the United Kingdom.

Snow is an email finder and lead automation platform. The tool contains has an inbuilt robust search algorithm.





Recently acquired by ZoomInfo, the leading B2B Growth Acceleration Platform for sales and marketing teams, the comprehensive Datanyze solution enhances customers’ selling and marketing tactics based on the latest customer technology decisions, as well as supplement key company and contact information with real-time alerts.




AeroLeads pulls data for relevant targeted sales leads from social networking websites such as LinkedIn, GitHub, AngelList,, and CrunchBase.The system provides the phone numbers, email addresses, social media profiles of individuals and businesses.





With Fuzebot, the Leadfuze A.I. assistant, you will automatically add new leads he finds in the future that match your criteria. He can also drip them into your CRM or workflow tools to automatically trigger outreach campaigns.




Leadiro is an online platform that gives you 24/7 access to millions of B2B data records that you can download and use for your email marketing and cold-calling campaigns.




Prospect is a multichannel sales automation platform that provides contacts and outbound tools to increase sales productivity






Leadfeeder shows you the companies visiting your website, how they found you, and what they’re interested in.




Other providers





A number of these tools provide integration with the most popular CRM or marketing suites like Salesforce or Hubspot, Linkedin, Gmail.  Some of them are fully integrated platforms allowing to run direct marketing campaigns, and include scoring, analytics. leads nurturing pipeline, collaborative tools.

Some other tools such as “Webtrackers” offer additional solutions for customer acquisition and retention: Information obtained through web tracking can directly help to win new customers and keep existing customers. By analyzing the website visitor behavior, you can better define their needs, interest, and adjust your product or solution offering and better communicate about it.

Code elements that are integrated into your own website play a crucial role. On the technical side, there are different methods and tools: The most important are counters, so-called “web bugs”, log file analysis and cookies.

Salesviewer solutions use data collected through web tracking to enable for “warm call”. By identifying visitors, most performant companies gain an overview of their prospect groups, can create Insights and Personas but also attract new customers by using a mirror approach.

Ipanovia advises you on the most efficient software and  SAAS solutions to expand your business globally.